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Ing. Mgr. Hana Brůhová Foltýnová, PhD.

Hana is a senior researcher and manager of a number of scientific and application projects devoted to the topics of sustainable urban mobility, traffic regulation, monitoring and evaluation of transport policies and strategic urban transport planning.

Mgr. Kristýna Rybová, Ph.D.

Kristýna deals with demographic changes and their impacts on regional level.

Ing. Lucie Vávrová /Svobodová/

Lucie, in the area of mobility, deals with transport behaviour of young adults (so-called millennials).

Ing. MgA. Radek Timoftej

Radek deals with environmental issues in environmentally sensitive areas directly affected by mobility.

Mgr. Danuše Strnadová

Danuše does research into transport innovations and their impacts on sustainable urban development.

Mgr. Radomíra Jordová

Radomíra Jordová, in the mobility area, has done transport research for many years, focusing on sustainable transport systems and measures, mobility management, strategic planning and urban transport policy.

Ing. Alice Vaverka Králiková

Alice focus on communication with the public and stakeholder coordination.

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